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Steel Nestainers

Works well with Boxed Merchandise or Piece Goods.

1. Optimize use of air and floor space.
Come in any type of configuration. Offer easy access for lift truck which can enter from the front or either side.

2. Full visual control for most efficient inventory and handling.

3. Nested design facilitates easy store-away
Let you reconvert your storage space back to valuable floor space when nestainers are not in use. Nestainers are completely portable, even when nested. Units can be removed from shipping areas in nested groups, reducing square feet and the number of trips required for removal.

4. Maximum product protection from production line to warehouse to shipping area to customer.
Each Nestainer unit is constructed of heavy-duty square tubular steel frames welded solidly together. Our rugged Nestainers are built to carry any weight requirement up to1,814 kilos

5. Eliminate the need to install permanent expensive storage racks.

6. Nestainer construction eliminates costly maintenance problem.
All steel frame joints are welded together. No upright locking devices and corner fasteners. construction eliminates maintenance of any base pallet, upright locking devices and corner fasteners. No bolts to snap. No fasteners to slip. Costs are reasonable, and construction lead times are short.

How to Specify a Nestainer Rack?

The following information is needed.

1. Brief description of the product to be stored.
2. Pallet/load size - W mm. x D mm. x H mm. (sizing is based on outside dimensions).
3. Is there overhang on the pallet?
4. Type of pallet used (2-way or 4-way).
5. Type of rack entry desired  (2-way or 4-way).
6. Weight of pallet/load.
7. Stacking height desired.
8. Are there any unusual loading?