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Compressed Wood Pallets

Each year billions of hardwood pallets are being produced of which 90% are made from virgin timber and 70% are designed for ONE trip only. The impact on our environment of this gross waste of finite resources has been significant as it known that deforestation has contributed to 25% of green house gases in the environment which lead to Global Warning.

ISPM 15 was developed to address the global spread of timber pests by regulating the movement of timber packing and dunnage in international trade.   ISPM 15 applies to Hardwood and Softwood packaging material such as pallets.  This regulation requires that hardwood and softwood pallets be treated either by heat of 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes or are fumigated using Methyl Bromide.  Both methods in themselves have an impact on the environment as heat chambers require fossil fuel and Methyl Bromide is known as a toxic substance.

Enno’s compress Wood pallets are ISPM 15 exempt from treatment as they are created using glue, heat and pressure.  Compressed wood pallets are recognized worldwide as complying with ISPM 15 and that the vast majority of countries readily accept the pallets without the need for further treatment.

Enno pallets are made of discarded wood material used in the manufacturing process of wood products.  Enno uses only pine waste and its manufacturing operations are in the Yunnan province of China.  This area is heavily forested and to ensure its sustainability, regulation requires it, that for every pine tree harvested three (3) more new trees will be planted in its place. – the pine tree reaches maturity in seven (7) years. Pine waste has been found to be most ideal materials for the making of press-wood pallets.

Enno manufactures two types of Eco-friendly pallets - the traditional Rackable pallet and the Nestable pallet.  The advantages of these pallets are considerable but in summary:


  • Environmentally friendly using wood waste only                        
  • Environmentally friendly ISPM 15 compliant
  • Environmentally friendly CARB compliant
  • Environmentally friendly CARB compliant


  • Competitively Priced
  • No Heat or Fumigation Treatment thereby saving cost
  • Rackable pallets have low tare weight = savings on freight charges


  • Space saving because of its stackable/Nestable design.
  • Water resistant – resin bonded
  • 4 way entry – easy handling for pallet jack and forklift
  • Strong and durable – dynamic weight >1Ton
  • Molded pallet – consistent quality, rounded edges & corners improve stretch wrapping.
  • No exposed nails, wood splinters or screws to cause injury to worker or damage to packaging.
  • Manufacturer’s certificate provided free of charge to accompanied shipments if requested.
  • Mass Produce -  Scalable