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S1 Assembly Process

The S1 pallet is shipped by truck and container in loose form.  This means that the pallet is shipped unassembled and, because of its unique design, the two pieces of the S1 pallet are nested together – and this is called a “Set”.

The pallet Sets will arrive in stacks of varying size, depending on mode of transportation.  For example when shipping by 40’ HC Container there will be 20 stacks of 45 Sets (total of 900 S1 pallets when assembled).  When shipped by truck, and depending on the truck size, the stacks may consist of say 20 Sets.

Recommended assembly instructions are as follows:

  1. The photo below shows the Sets being laid out on the floor in preparation for assembly.  Depending on the amount of space available in the assembly area lay out between 5 to 10 Sets. 

  2. Take the Top Deck, turn it over and then place it on top of the Bottom Skid ensuring  that the leg cups from both pieces are aligned.  You will note that the leg cups of the Top Deck have a small extention that will fit into the leg cup of the Bottom Skid.  This is used to align the leg cups and add strength to the pallet.

  3. Once Top Deck and Bottom Skid have been aligned and engaged the next step is to insert the screws in the pre-drilled holes in each leg cup.  There are nine (9) legs cups each of which will require one (1) screw. Each screw can easily be located in the pre-drilled holes in the leg cups with a small amount of hand pressure.

  4. When the nine (9) screws have been located in each leg cup it is now a simple task of using battery powered drill with a screw head attachment to drive the screw.  When the screw is fully engaged the drill will then try and rotate.  At this point release the drill.

  5. Once all nine (9) screws have been engaged the S1 pallet is now assembled the final check is to turn the S1 pallet on one of its sides and check to ensure that each of the nine (9) leg cupss on the Top Deck are aligned with the leg cups of the Bottom Skid AND that there are no gaps between the leg cups. 

  6. The S1 pallet is now ready for use.