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Presswood pallets are ideal for the Pharmaceutical and Food Companies. Free of hazardous chemical used in pest control of Traditional Wood pallets

Methyl Bromide- free export pallets is important to ensure product safety in Pharmaceutical and food industries.

Many overseas wood pallet manufacturers to use them to eradicate  insect infestations. Although it is odorless the toxicity of this chemical poses significant public health and environmental safety concerns.

Our Presswood pallets made from combination of wood fiber and resin are molded under high heat and we adopt a stringent process to ensure that the wood waste and other by-products of wood are free from these chemicals.

The process of using extreme heat and pressure  to mold presswood pallet reduces moisture content to less than 5 percent, naturally ridding them of insect infestations and making them mold resistance compared to conventional heat treated wooden pallets.

These enhanced properties make presswood pallets an ideal choice for export applications.  And, because they are considered “processed wood”, they are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 and are welcome worldwide.

Presswood pallets also offer shippers a number of additional advantages over traditional wood pallets, including lower handling and storage costs, ergonomic benefits, and consistent tare weights.