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Landfill Test - Impact to Environment

Date of test: end of December, 2008
Date sample was unearthed: beginning of May, 2009

Nestable Pallet (Cut out leg support for soil buried test) Cup unearthed After 4 months in the ground.
・Collection is in a state ・At 25 times resolution  
  The surface: Melamine resin is visible at 25 times resolution

The center: The molecule of melamine resin does not disintegrate.

Conclusion: Dosage of Melamine resin is much too low to cause environmental concern.

What happens to press-wood pallets after they reach end of life?

1) Farmers grind them into chips and use them as compost for their flower nurseries.
2) Able to be used in landfill as they will decompose very quickly because it is bio-degradable.