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Improved Steel Pallet Test Report

Top View

Bottom View

Pallet specs

Length 1219mm
Width 1016mm
Height 125mm
Weight 9.5kg

Allows 4‐way hand truck entry

1) Entry from long side
2) Entry from short side



Test Item / Result

Measuring Conditions in Each Test

Load Test

1000kg load with no evidence of damages or breakage

Lift Test

1000kg load lifted by a forklift with no evidence of damages or breakage


Stack Test

We were unable to conduct the stacking test in time since the wooden pallet broke, and the goods collapsed over our steel pallet. Yet, no damage was inflicted on the steel pallet while the wood pallet bottom deck shattered.


Pallet Jack Knock Test

Steel block was dented. However, no weld points were detached. The height of the block was reduced from 90mm to 89mm only. This indicates that the steel stretched to absorb the impact without compensating on the height of the block. The pallet was still usable after the knock test.


Rack test

Date Time Deflection
13/9 1:00pm 8.36mm
14/9 9:00am 8.36mm
15/9 9:00am 8.37mm
16/9 9:00am 8.37mm

First picture shows our racking test (800kg)

Second picture shows our measuring equipment.


Drop Test

Pallet dropped at its corner from 1m height. Corner is dented, but no weld points were detached. Pallet had no major deformation, and still could be used.

Point Load Test

No breakages at the point of weight bearing.