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Why choose us?

Enno Marketing Services Pte Ltd was established in 2005 is engaged in the manufacturing and Sales of our Press-wood pallets manufactured in China (Yunnan Province).

Enno is also the principal distributor for Eagon Greentech Co Ltd who is located in Seoul, Korea  and specializes in the manufacturing of press-wood and plastic pallets for the Petrochemical Industries. They are the largest producer of press-wood pallets in Korea.

We have a wide range of specialized designed pallets covering practically all industries. The large base of multi-national clienteles that use our press-wood pallets is testimont to the trust and confidence bestow upon us. Our quality is assured.

The Presswood Pallet has proven to be a popular alternative, offering many more benefits, to traditional timber types. The pallets are especially popular within the Petrochemical, Electronics, Lighting, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and many other manufacturing industries.