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  • Press-wood Pallets
  • Eagon Press-wood Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Plywood Panels
  • Galvanized Steel Pallets
  • Steel Nestainers

About the Company

About ENNO

ENNO Marketing Services Pte Ltd was founded in May 2005 by Steven Lim, who has over 30 years of Supply Chain Industry experience. Enno’s vision and Purpose is to contribute significantly to environmental friendliness through active promotion of recycling & bio degradable products in Packaging. Considering the unique value proposition of Enno, Toll Asia, a leading Integrated logistics company in Asia Pacific region, acquired a significant stake in the company in 2007.

ENNO’s Corporate objectives

Enno designs, builds and markets processed wood pallets that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Enno is principally engaged in the manufacturing and marketing  of recycled processed wood pallets to industries spanning Manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution. Enno is committed to environmental protection, hence uses discarded and recyclable wood as the main raw material in producing the wood pallets. Additionally, the latest binding glue is bio-degradable; hence Enno’s pallets are highly safe from environmental perspective.